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Jamie, from J. W. Decorating in Scarborough got in touch with High Reaching Solutions as he had an awkward project to do and wanted to do it safely and efficiently. 
The property hadn’t been decorated for some years due to the awkwardness of its location in the grounds combined with a ground floor extension on one side, conservatory on the opposite side and an old slab-paved patio in the middle, which also contained large and heavy stone garden ornaments. 
The only access to the side with the extension and to the patio area further on was via a narrow, sloping and twisting gravel path. 
View from bottom of path showing where Sophie needed to come down.
View from top of path showing where Sophie needed to go.
Sophie set-up in the first position to reach over the first floor extension.
A different view of Sophie in her first position.
Being comparatively light in weight she could move and set-up on the patio without causing any damage. And from just one position, her excellent outreach could get Jamie to every part of the front elevation, saving him a lot of time compared to using ladders and a lot easier and safer. 
Sophie set-up on patio.
Different angle of Sophie set-up on patio.
Jamie working above Bay window from Sophies basket.
Enter Sophie, High Reaching Solutions Platform Basket 18.90 Pro tracked spider. Putting her adjustable tracks on the narrow setting enabled her to negotiate the twisting gravel path relatively easily. 
On reaching the set-up position her ‘legs’ were lowered to just above ground level so that we could see if any plants were in the way and once we were plant free Sophies auto setup was activated so she could level herself. 
With the combination of her articulated booms, fly-jib and rotating basket Sophie was able to get Jamie to where he needed to be safely and quickly. 
A closer view of Sophies first position showing the steepness of the path.
View show steepness of the garden with Sophie on the patio.
Sophie on patio showing her excellent outreach.
Sophie on patio with Jamie using Sophies rotating basket.
Sophie reaching up to gable top from patio.
We hope you enjoy the accompanying photos and video and if Sophie or one of her sisters can help you with a project then please do contact High Reaching Solutions on 0845 3138420 or via our contacts page. 
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