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Delila 16m towable cherrypicker from High Reaching Solutions Malton York


Delila's a dream to work with. 
Her trailer mounted platform means she's fast on her feet and can be towed behind a large car or a 4x4 - so there's no need for a normal trailer. 
Delila's self-drive system makes her extremely flexible and easy-going; manoeuvring her for perfect positioning, or to load and unload, is fuss-free and quick. And her up and over capability makes her an extremely versatile choice of cherry picker. 
She may look dainty but don't be deceived; Delila's able to carry a full payload of 215kg up to 16m in height. And she's not afraid of getting her hands dirty; Delila has a working outreach of 9m: no mean feat. 
Delila really is low-maintenance; quick to set-up, quick to pack down, particularly on exterior projects. Every man needs a Delila in his life; would you like to spend some time with ours? Please get in touch
Scarlett Grace 13m tracked spiderlift cherrypicker from High Reaching Solutions Malton York

Scarlett Grace 

If you need to get out of - or into - a tight spot, Scarlett Grace's your girl. 
Looks can be deceiving; despite being our most petite cherry picker, Scarlett Grace can solve some of the most challenging access issues thanks to her dainty demeanour. 
As a narrow tracked spider access platform with a width of only 780mm, Scarlett Grace is light on her feet and can glide through the narrowest of doorways, entrances or gates without having to breathe in. 
She gets to work quickly, reaching heights of up to 13.4m, has an outreach of 8.0m and can carry a weight of up to 200kg. 
Scarlett Grace not only looks dainty, she's a pleasure to have on site thanks to her quiet hybrid petrol/lithium ion battery combination which makes her the ideal choice when keeping noise to a minimum is a must. 
It's true what they say: it's the quiet ones you have to watch. So if you think Scarlett Grace could solve your access issue, just let us know. Get in touch today for your free site survey, advice or a quote. 
Sabrina 15m tracked spiderlift cherrypicker from High Reaching Solutions Malton York


Select Sabrina and you're in for a treat. 
As a stunner in the world of tracked spider access platforms, Sabrina offers a low floor loading facility which makes her a match made in heaven with delicate internal flooring and soft external ground conditions. 
She may be small but she's perfectly formed, reaching heights of up to 15m with an outreach of up to 8.7m. 
Sabrina's a hard worker. But when she clocks off and is in the stowed position ready to be moved, you'll be impressed with her sleek and slinky physique - she simply slips through normal doorways and gaining access to narrow areas is a cinch. 
We wouldn't normally mention a lady's weight, but Sabrina's particularly clever at spreading hers over a large area. This means she's a dab hand when it comes to stability and security, and she makes light work out of low floor loadings. 
When you work with Sabrina there's often no need for road closures. But be warned, she may still stop traffic. So if Sabrina floats your boat, please get in touch today. 
Sophie 18m tracked spiderlift cherrypicker from High Reaching Solutions Malton York


Sophie creates a stunning silhouette. 
Her svelte form reaches 17.7m and with an outreach of 9.1m, Sophie really is a sight for sore eyes. 
Sophie's a narrow tracked spider access platform, a far less glamorous description than she deserves, but it does mean she's extremely nimble. 
Not only can she carry a cage weight of 200kg, she has low floor loading, can nip through narrow doorways and access confined areas making her superb company on both internal and external projects. 
As lithe as she is, Sophie's certainly sure on her feet. She makes traversing uneven ground look like a walk in the park and she's equally at home working on a ploughed field as she is on the inside of a factory. 
If you like a lady who's lean, versatile and nimble-footed, Sophie could be the one for you. Please don't hesitate to get in touch. 
Lottie cherry picker


Lottie, although not the tallest, or the shortest, still has many attributes akin to her sisters. 
With her slim form she can get into narrow and awkward places both inside buildings and out, just like her sisters, but her different boom configuration and 250kg swl (safe working load) capacity gives her a slight edge, especially when working amongst trees or telephone lines. Combine this with a working height of 19.4m and an outreach of 9.5m and we're sure you'll find her to be the lady of your dreams. 
Being a tracked spider platform Lotties light weight and nimbleness ensures she's at home on both delicate flooring or rough terrain. You can use her diesel engine for outside and her lithium batteries for inside. Using her lithium batteries allows for quiet, fume free and trailing lead free operations, better for the environment and for safety. 
We know you'll enjoy working with Lottie, her fully remote control system makes moving her safer with all round visibility and her basket controls are just as easy to use. Setting up takes no time at all and when you've finished, just press and hold Lotties 'Home' button and she'll bring you back down safely and smoothly. 
Get in touch if you think Lottie is the Lady for your next project. 
Selina 22m tracked spiderlift cherrypicker from High Reaching Solutions Malton York


Selina stands head and shoulders above our other ladies. 
We like to think of her as our very own supermodel thanks her impressive vital statistics: she can reach up to 21.7m high, has an outreach of 10.3m and her cage can carry up to 230kg. 
As Amazonian as she is, Selina is still lightweight and a pleasure to take out and about. She's extremely accommodating and as a tracked spider access platform, she offers low floor loading to make your life easier, multiple leg settings for those very awkward spaces and being a hybrid her lithium ion batteries make her run on only a whisper. 
Despite being our supermodel, Selina's no diva; she's versatile and happy to work on uneven ground, in office buildings or wherever there's an awkward access problem or a confined space. Although, of course, she'd prefer the catwalk. 
Does Selina sound like your cup of tea? Get in touch and we'll set you up. 
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