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High Reaching Solutions were asked to supply a solution to an awkward situation in Leeds. Decorators needed to work safely at height, 11 meters up and in a relatively confined internal space. 
They needed Scarlett Grace, our Platform Basket 13.80 Hybrid narrow tracked spiderlift as she was small and able to set-up and operate in a confined area. With her outrigger footprint of less than 3 meters, both in width and length and her boom just short of 3.5 meters in length without the basket attached. She also had negative tail-swing and her lithium batteries kept noise down to a whisper and engine fumes were non-existent, which is ideal for working internally. 
Scarlett Grace going through offset doors
Internal view where Scarlett Grace needed to get to
Getting into and out of the building was also very difficult as the approach to the front doors was either via steep steps or a slight incline from the side. Using the incline didn’t leave much room for turning Scarlett Grace before she went in or came out and then there was the TWO sets of doors, the front doors then offset internal doors, but with a little bit of thought and some ingenuity she managed to do it. 
The decorators were over-the-moon with Scarlett Grace, her easy to use controls enabled them to get their job done more efficiently than they thought possible. 
If Scarlett Grace or one of her sisters can assist you with a project then please use our website contact page to get in touch or call us on 0845 313 8420 and we will be pleased to assist you. 
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