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The latest addition to our fleet soon to be with us is LOTTIE, a lithium/diesel hybrid tracked spider with 19.9m working height and 9.5m side outreach. 
She was born in Italy at Platform Basket and they have kindly kept us informed of her growth with these progress photos. A very close eye was kept on her as she grew, ensuring healthy and steady growth through her development. 
Platform Basket didn't need to cut her umbilical cord as she has remote control capability. They did however, ensure that all her functions worked correctly, including: 
Kubota diesel and Lithium power sources 
Remote Diagnostics 
Duel Speed Tracking 
Track Widening System 
Duel Boom Telescopic Operations 
Basket Rotation 
250kg SWL (Safe Working Load) Unrestricted 
Automatic Stabilisation 
Automatic 'Go-Home' Boom Function. 
First Parts Trolley with Lotties Components
Second Trolley with more Components
These two trolley's are the start of Lotties' 'Birth', her 'growth' will be steady and monitored all the way through. 
Lotties' Bottom outer boom awaiting assembly Lotties' Chassis with hydraulic hoses being fitted. Lotties' bottom boom being installed onto chassis. Panel brackets and wiring being installed. Fly-Jib now attached and being tested. Electronic components fitted and connected. Top boom decals being fitted.
Lotties' inner bottom boom with hydraulic hoses waiting to be inserted into the top boom. Front view of Lotties' chassis with engine installed Bottom boom and hydraulic pipes being installed. Top boom and hydraulic hoses being attached. Additional wiring and components installed. Continuation of component testing. Rear nearside view of Lottie, now complete.
Lotties' Chassis with Kubota engine and tracks attached. Lotties' outrigger hydraulic rams waiting to be fitted. Bottom boom hydraulics connected and being tested. Top boom hydraulics connected and tested. Electronic modules fitted. All panels attached, decals now being fitted. Front nearside view of Lottie, now complete.
We hope you like the above photos showing Lotties' 'Birth' progress. 
As you can see, she looks absolutely stunning dressed all in white and her sisters are eagerly awaiting to meet her on her arrival. 
If you would like Lottie, or one of her sisters, to assist you with a project then please get in touch. 
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