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High Reaching Solutions received a call from a property maintenance company who required a survey for a suitable cherry picker to carry out gutter repairs to a property on the North Yorkshire coast. The property was perched on a hillside, away from any road or hardstanding of substance and the driveway was steeply sloped and covered by low hanging branches from the tree lined route. These observations meant that truck mounted platforms and heavy mobile booms would not be suitable for the task, neither would scaffolding due to the vehicular access. 
Sophie spider reaching out toward damaged gutter
Sophie tracked spider set up at top of bank
After measurements were taken and assessing the method of operation and risk assessment we established that Sophie, a Platform Basket 18.90 Pro tracked spider would be the most suitable cherrypicker for the task. Being easily transportable, light in weight and with low ground pressure combined with amazing working height and outreach capabilities made her ideal to get into positions needed to carry out the maintenance. 
During our survey the residents of the property pointed out to us that they were having problems with seagulls nesting on their chimney during the season. We contacted our client with this information and upon their instructions we arranged for East Coast Pest Control to be onsite to carry out bird prevention measures when we returned to repair the guttering. Both our client and the residents were very pleased that we were able to solve their problems which they have had for a considerable amount of time. 
Sophie spider assisting with wasp nest spaying at chimney
Sophie tracked spider reaching up to chimney for pest control
On returning to carry out the work with Sophie a wasps nest was discovered in the chimney during the bird prevention installation. Again, we contacted our client with this information and got the go-ahead to eradicate the nest whilst East Coast Pest Control were on site. This not only saved a lot of anguish for the residents but it also saved on the costs of returning to do it at a later date. 
We hope you enjoyed the accompanying photos and if Sophie or one of her sisters can help you with a project then please do contact High Reaching Solutions on 0845 3138420 or via our contacts page. 
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