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Our client of several years had a project in Leeds to decorate the exterior of an apartment block. Most areas were easy to gain access to via a mobile boom lift, however the rear created somewhat of a challenge for them due to the restrictive narrow access. 
On realising the difficulties of the task they gave High Reaching Solutions a call and ask for Selina, our Platform Basket 22.10 EVO Hybrid. Having used her before they knew her 10.5 meters of outreach at 11 meters up and multi positioning stabilizer settings ensured that their experienced decorator would be able to get to the furthest point they needed to from the restrictive setup space. 
They also knew that she was very quite when using her Lithium Ion batteries. 
The narrow start of Selinas, the tracked spider, journey to her work area.
This photo shows the narrow and awkward path Selina the tracked spiderlift had to take on the start of her journey to the work area. 
The next view of Selinas continuing journey down a narrow path to the work area
After negotiating the narrow start as shown above Selina would need to continue her journey down this narrow and restrictive path.  
Great care would also be needed so as not to damage the established vegitation in the garden, which at times would be very difficult and time consuming to do. 
Selina starting to negotiate obstacles created by external steps and wooden fence panels.
Here Selina is starting to navigate obstacles created by these external steps and on her opposite side some wooden panel fencing. 
Selina moving carefully down the narrow path.
Selina getting very close to the steps. She also needs to avoid the wood panel fencing on the opposite side as well as the brick wall in front of her.
This shows Selina getting very close to the steps. She also needs to avoid the wooden panel fencing on the opposite side as well as the brick wall in front of her. 
Although our clients decorator had the correct IPAF licence to operate Selina and had operated her and other tracked spiders before, he was not experienced in moving them in such tight and awkward situations.  
As a result in their cautiousness they rightly requested High Reaching Solutions experienced operator to move Selina into position for them. 
On arrival at site our client advised our experienced operator that some residents may be alseep due to working night shifts. 
With this information our operator elected to use Selinas lithium ion batteries instead of her diesel engine so noise was kept to a whisper so as not to disturb the residence. It obviously worked as no one came out to investigate either during the journey to the work area or when our clients decorator was getting into position. 
Selina in position for decorator to do his work.
If you need Selina or one of her sisters to get into a tight or awkward space then please give High Reaching Solutions a call on 0845 313 8420 and we'll do our very best to assist you. 
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