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Many maintenance and facilities companies come up against obstacles which they have to overcome in order to do their work safely and efficiently. High Reaching Solutions were approached by one such company, Aegis Fire & Security. They had a multitude of obstacles to overcome which included working from a mezzanine walkway as the floor was crammed with machinery, fenced of exclusion zones, electrical conduits, pipework, storage tanks etc. Basically the floor area was totally covered except for marked pedestrian walkways, hence the installed mezzanine walkway. 
Aegis Fire & Security needed to work at height safely and work from the mezzanine walkway as mentioned to install their fire and security system. This created another problem as parts of the walkway were very narrow and this combined with a weight limit meant there were very few options. Scaffolding the work area from the floor had been looked at, but the complexity, scale, time constraints, high possibility of damage to machinery and equipment during the build and disassembly and the very high cost meant this really wasn’t an option. They had contact a few very well-known companies within the access industry before being recommended to us by one of them, Promax Access
Scarlett Grace, our Platform Basket 13.80 Hybrid tracked spider was chosen for the task as she was light enough to be within the weight limits to operate on the mezzanine walkway and narrow enough with her outriggers deployed. This meant Scarlett Graces’ full working envelope could be achieved enabling Aegis F&S getting to the areas they needed. Another criteria was that any machine chosen had to be battery powered as engine fumes were not allowed and electrical power sockets were not installed on the mezzanine, but this wasn’t an issue as Scarlett Grace was able to run on her Lithium Ion batteries, which also kept the noise down to a whisper. 
If you require a fire or security system or both at your premises then please give Aegis Fire & Security a call on 01636 679281. 
And if you have an awkward situation to overcome to work at height safely, don't hesitate to give High Reaching Solutions a call
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