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Narrow tracked spider access platforms are designed and known for being able to get into tight and awkward spaces, this is their specialty! As spider platforms have developed and got larger, one of the main design additions is the multi-positioning settings for the outriggers, or legs. 
Outriggers are needed as, from the beginning, the spider platforms have been designed to be light in weight, not only for ease of transport, but primarily so they can also be used in areas where 'traditional' wheeled access platforms are physically too large and heavy. The outriggers also allow the spider platform to self-level, which means they can set-up on slopes/inclines whilst keeping the chassis of the machine horizontal, enabling a safe and sturdy structure to work from. 
Selina, our Platform Basket 22.10 EVO, using her adjustable leg settings in this situation and utilizing her 10m of outreach to allow contractors to gain access to a roof to carry out repairs. There was not enough room in the garden for a smaller tracked spider to get their outriggers down. 
Tracked spider cherry picker set in middle of fence reaching over roof.
Tracked spider cherry picker in steep sloping stone cobbled alley.
Even when the surface is clean and level, such as in this environment, Selina was selected. Her light weight and narrow outrigger settings was the main focus. On the other side of the wall is an eight foot drop, a heavier wheeled machine may have caused a collapse if used. 
Again here, Selina was selected for her narrow outrigger setting. This steep, stone cobbled alley was also extremely slippery due to damp moss and algae, so a heavy, wheeled access platform would not have copped with this terrain. 
Tracked spider cherrypicker on narrow restricted hard-standing assisting contractors.
We hope you enjoyed these examples. 
If you need Selina or one of her sisters to get into a tight or awkward space then please give High Reaching Solutions a call on 0845 313 8420 or myself directly on 07963 933 644 and we'll do our very best to assist you. 
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